Demi Lovato's Hair Doesn't Look Like This Anymore—See Her New Look

  • Demi Lovato chopped her long hair into a lob.
  • She shared before and after pictures on Instagram to her 71.3 million followers.
  • Her hairstylist said she’s in a great place and wanted something to reflect that.

Demi, is that you? Demi Lovato took to her Instagram on Thursday to reveal a major change to her iconic look. She has a new haircut, and she looks amazing.

As of late, the multi-hyphenate star has been seen with super long hair often reaching well below her belly button. When she takes out her extensions, her hair reaches the middle of her back. But that wasn’t short enough for Demi.

To start the transformation process, she posted a before picture with the caption, “This was without extensions y’all! It got so long!”


    Right after snapping that before shot, the scissors came out. She chopped off around six inches of hair, which took her long strands all the way up to a chic little lob. She posted an image of the new look styled sleek and straight, but it will look just as fierce when she puts her go-to messy waves through it.


    According to movies, TV shows, and maybe even your bestie when she’s gone through a bad breakup, people going through a hard time tend to make impulsive decisions about their appearance (What’s up, post-breakup bangs?!). But Demi’s new cut stemmed from something positive in her life, and I’m all here for it.

    “Demi has been feeling great and wanted something to represent that,” explained Amber Maynard Bolt, a master stylist at Nine Zero One Salon in L.A. who gave Demi the big chop. “She’s been wearing extensions and growing her hair out for a while so this was a nice change up, while keeping her classic and beautiful.”


    She then finished the transformation journey with a glam shot, stating “New hair, who dis?” Demi looks beautiful with any style—she’s pretty much tried them all—but there’s something about this classic cut that takes her look to the next level.

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