Ramen Makeup; Beauty Products Inspired by Noodle Soup

Prepare yourselves, foodies! Ramen-inspired makeup is here and just looking at it is making us crave a piping hot bowl of noodle soup.

You heard that correctly! According to Allure, K-beauty brand TonyMoly is collaborating with Samyang’s Buldak Spicy Chicken Ramen on a makeup collection, and we don’t know whether we want to put it on our faces or eat it (which is kinda the way we felt about the rumored makeup palette from Olive Garden)! Just look at how cute it is!

So, what exactly is included in the collection? We’re SO glad you asked! The makeup line includes four delicious-looking products, which include the Hot Coverdak Cushion, a compact foundation with a refill shaped like a hot sauce packet, the Noodle Blusher, Lip Sauce Tint, and the Lip Care Stick (which is essentially a lip balm).

If you’re into the blush, we’ve got good news! The Noodle Blusher comes in two amazing shades, one being a soft pink and the other being a bold red. If you’re leaning more towards the lip tint, though, it comes in two different shades as well, and they’re both bright and beautiful reds.

At this point, we know you’re probably wondering how you can get your hands on this collection, but the truth is, it only first launched in Korea earlier this month, so we don’t know if Tonymoly will ever officially make the products available to consumers in the United States. Good news, though! Allure came across the subreddit AsianBeauty and noticed that beautyboxkorea.com is selling the collection to U.S. shoppers! To make matters even better, “it comes with actual noodles.” Where do we swipe our cards?!

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