Stop Everything — KKW Fragrances Are Coming to Ulta Beauty Stores

Gone are the days we have to wait 3-5 business days for our Kim Kardashian-shaped fragrances to ship to our door — they’re coming to Ulta Beauty. On Thursday, the beauty retailer announced via Instagram that KKW Fragrances will be available across all Ulta Beauty stores starting on Nov. 25.

KKW Fragrances currently has three collections: KKW Body, KKW Crystal Gardenia, and KKW Kimoji, with nine total offerings. The fragrances pictured in the retailer’s post are KKW Body ($60), Crystal Gardenia ($60), Kimoji Cherry ($45), and Kimoji Peach, and Ulta confirmed within the post’s comments that they will be carrying those select fragrances — which is exciting, considering Kimoji Peach is currently sold-out online.

Keep reading to see the KKW Fragrances that will soon be available at Ulta Beauty, then start planning, because based on the post’s comments, the products are sure to fly off the shelves.

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