Britney Spears “Announced” Her Vegas Return, And People Weren’t Feeling It

The night the lights went out a Planet Hollywood for Britney Spears, every drunk gal with dreams of a basic bitch weekend in Las Vegas (aka me) wondered how could life go on knowing we would never have the opportunity to play slots, get hammered, and belt out “Lucky” in the presence of the actual “singer” of the song. Well, those dreams were restored last night when Brit Brit finally gave official acknowledgement to what we’ve known all along: she’s just moving her show across the Strip to the Park Theater at the Park MGM. The way she announced it, though, had some people wanting her to gimme gimme more. Sorry, I just had to.

Billboard says Britney’s Domination. show will launch in February of next year, and the whole thing was livestreamed on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube channel. Tickets go on sale next week, and Britney had one of her handlers tweet out the official deets:

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