Demi Lovato Temporarily Leaves Rehab To Receive Specialist Care At Chicago Treatment Facility

Demi Lovato just left rehab — but fear not! It’s for what appears to be a very, very good reason.

Sources with first-hand knowledge of the singer’s movements told TMZ Friday morning that the singer left her current rehab facility to fly overnight to Chicago so she can meet with a specialist who may be able to help her above what rehab can do.

According to the source, Demi and her mom landed in Chicago just a few hours ago on a private jet.

They’re in the Windy City to visit with an unnamed psychiatrist who “specializes in mental health, sobriety, and overall wellness,” and the plan is for the 25-year-old to spend at least a few days under the care of that doctor before returning to rehab.

When work is done in Chicago — again, there’s no precise timetable, but it doesn’t sound like Demi will be there for too long — she’ll fly back and re-enter the rehab facility for further treatment and care.

Rumor has it she is really, honestly committed to getting healthy and sober after her alleged near-death experience from last month’s reported overdose.

This trip to Chicago to see such a renowned specialist would sure seem to confirm that.

Here’s hoping for good news, and a continued, full recovery!

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