Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 10 – Won't Somebody Please Think Of The Blondes

We recorded this episode on September 13, the day of the New York primary election, so I start off with openly dreaming about Rojo Caliente (aka Cynthia Nixon’s wife) getting one step closer to becoming the First Lady of New York. (Don’t tell yesterday-me that my dream has been shattered!) After I go on a bit about First Lady Rojo and imagine Sandra Lee’s victory cake, Allison and I get into the plight of blondes, world renowned scientist Matthew McConaughey’s thoughts on single-parent families, the mystery of Henry Cavill’s future as Superman, and Marky Mark’s daily schedule of prayin’, eatin’, workin’ out, and eatin’. And we end by giving fashion advice to a listener since we, who regularly wear fashions from the Haus of Sweats, are fashion experts!

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