‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Meredith Goes On A Blind Date & Maggie Spills Teddy’s Secret

Poor Meredith! Her blind date ended horribly during the Oct. 11 episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, just before Maggie revealed Teddy’s massive pregnancy secret.

As the Oct. 11 episode of Grey’s Anatomy began, Meredith woke up to a stressed out Maggie in their kitchen. Maggie revealed how there might be “something coming” for Amelia and Owen, but she didn’t actually tell Meredith that Teddy’s pregnant, so she just seemed like a crazy person ranting in the dark, in the middle of the night. And speaking of Amelia and Owen, they were seen confronting Betty over a potential drug slip-up, while Alex and Jo were engaging in some hot sex until he got paged to go into the hospital. Tragic timing if you ask us! Especially because he accused her of initiating just so he’d help her with her fellowship research project.

Later at the hospital, Meredith startled everyone when she showed up with “new makeup” on. Clearly, she’s been taking Cece’s advice pretty seriously because she eventually revealed to Maggie and Amelia that she was going on a blind date. “What if I hate him on sight?” she nervously asked Alex, and with that question, we never related to Meredith more!

Outside the hospital, Meredith met her date, John (How I Met Your Mother‘s Josh Radnor), at a restaurant and he couldn’t have complimented her more. He even looked quite handsome. She politely thanked him for his sweet comments, but she seemed super awkward, especially when she said, “let’s start the clock” immediately after meeting him. Not the best way to start a date, we must admit, but all was well — at least, for the time being.

Meanwhile, Maggie tried explaining Jackson’s absence to Bailey, but failed miserably. She, herself, couldn’t really say where or what Jackson was doing, but she said it was some sort of religious sabbatical. And then their patient started coding on the table, so nothing more was said. But for real — where is Jackson?

Back at the restaurant, Meredith and her date made small talk about their respective careers — he works on software to help people protect their privacy. All the while, Jo was later seen demanding an apology from Alex after he insinuated she has sex with him for perks at the hospital. And Amelia tried getting a drug test from Betty, but Glasses misunderstood her and peed in a cup himself.

After more talk about their jobs and missing “getting thrown against a wall and kissed”, Meredith’s date John realized that Meredith wasn’t actually the woman he was supposed to be on a date with. He spotted the woman he was initially talking to, flirting with another man at the bar. He explained to Meredith that that must be why he didn’t fully recognize her compared to the pics that were sent to him. And get this — the man that his date was talking to, ended up being the other “John” Meredith was supposed to meet. Strange, right? Well, it ended up being fun for Meredith and John, as they both simultaneously cancelled on their planned dates with a simple text. And then they giggled together as they scurried out of the restaurant. Could it be fate?

Amelia then sought some advice from Owen’s mom — who made her way into the hospital this week — about how to handle Betty. She told Amelia to start acting like a mother because that’s what the teenager needs. And then she asked Amelia whether or not she and Owen are back together. Amelia didn’t really know how to answer that question, but Owen’s mom seemed to indicate that she’d be happy if they were back together.

When the episode returned to Meredith and John’s date, they were spotted walking through a park and talking more about what they do and don’t like about dating. And one thing in particular that John said bothers him is “single moms.” Upon mentioning this, Meredith tried telling him that she is, in fact, a single mom, but he interrupted her and put his foot in his mouth when he then described single moms as “desperate” since they usually end first dates by talking about marriage. When she finally revealed that she has three children, he felt extremely awkward and she had no other choice but to end the date.

Upon returning to the hospital, Meredith was bombarded by both Amelia and Maggie. Amelia asked about Meredith’s date, which is when she told them about how it ended “horribly” after he admitted he “hates kids”. Then, Amelia punished Betty after the teen finally admitted to smoking weed with some friends. And a surprise relationship between Jo and Link was revealed when they spotted each other inside the hallways of the hospital for the very first time — he called her Brooke before they engaged in a major hug together, so their history must go way back. And was it just us or did Alex look worried? Gulp.

Also, Maggie finally spilled Teddy’s pregnancy secret to Meredith after it nearly drove her crazy.

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