Here’s Why Aladdin Isn’t Shirtless During 2019′s Remake

Fans hoping to see Mena Massoud go shirtless in the live-action remake of Disney’s Aladdin are going to be upset to find out that he never actually strips down.

The animated movie of course features the title character wearing a vest with nothing underneath throughout some of the film’s iconic scenes.

Aladdin costume designer Michael Wilkinson opened up about the “question on everyone’s lips” during an interview with EW.

“For the same reason why we thought it wasn’t appropriate for Princess Jasmine to be flashing her belly button for half of the film, we also felt that once you make that leap from cartoon into live-action, you really have to make some adjustments,” he said. “We thought having so much skin showing on Aladdin for the whole film would be quite distracting on a human actor as opposed to a cartoon character.”

The movie is in theaters now and the soundtrack is online as well.

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