Jenelle Evans’ Husband Caught Harassing ‘Teen Mom 2’ Producers — Will She Get Fired?

David Eason hasn’t forgotten that MTV fired him! Jenelle Evans’ husband pulled up to her son’s soccer game and proceeded to holler at the ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew on the field — see the footage, here.

David Eason, 30, is still bitter about MTV booting him from Teen Mom 2 over those homophobic tweets. The disgraced reality television star pulled up by a field where an MTV crew was filming the soccer game of Jenelle Evans’ 4-year-old son, Kaiser, as seen in a fan-posted Twitter video on Nov. 3. Jenelle’s husband remained in his vehicle in the first half of his Instagram Live video, but his presence was anything but inconspicuous. He began to loudly heckle the camera people! “When MTV used to film me,” he said in a mocking tone, and launched into whiny laughter. It’s unclear if the film crew took notice, but he continued to address them. “Oh? You didn’t think I was gonna be here? Oh — MTV didn’t think I was gonna be here,” he continued. He later asked, “Why they mad?” David then called out the head honcho!

“Hey Larry!” he shouted, referring to Larry Musnik, the executive producer of Teen Mom. “I love you man. No one hates you,” he sneered, and it’s safe to assume that David’s not actually fond of Larry. The video later cuts out to David venturing onto a deserted soccer field, and he remarked, “All of a sudden the field’s empty. They just scattered.” The former small screen star seemed to suggest that he’s the reason the MTV employees “scattered,” although the game could’ve just ended.

This isn’t the first time David has harassed someone associated with the Teen Mom franchise! He told Chelsea Houska’s dad Randy that he can “realign” the dentist’s jaw, and that he’s “got guns, don’t f**k with [him],” in a series of Instagram videos on Oct. 31. Randy set him off after adding to the speculation that David was the reason his wife is “realigning” her jaw, as she revealed in an Oct. 29 Snapchat video! In the tweet under fire, Chelsea’s dad wrote, “Jaws are ‘re-aligned’ after they have been ‘un-aligned.’” As you’ve now learned, if someone gets on David’s bad side, he’ll air his bad laundry on Instagram!

Well, we know Jenelle’s sticking by the side of her short-tempered husband! “I’ll stand by my husband no matter WHAT HAPPENS,” she posted to her Instagram Story on Nov. 5, even after her troubling 911 call was released in which she alleged that her spouse of one year “assaulted” her on Oct. 13.

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