Paris Jackson Is ‘In A Much Better Head Space’ Since Her Reported Health Scare

This is quite the quick and full turnaround for Paris Jackson, after a reported health scare — some outlets still claim it was an alleged suicide attempt — landed her in a Los Angeles hospital for treatment just a week ago.

According to a new report out this morning from TMZMichael Jackson‘s daughter is “in a much better head space” following her recovery from that reported health scare, and she’s been spending time with (and taking advice from) people “who genuinely care about her” as she recovers. That’s good!

From what it sounds like according to sources close to the 20-year-old, even though she turned down requests to go to rehab, she’s still actively trying to improve both her mental and physical health at home right now. She’ll turn 21 years old in about another week, so a big milestone is ahead — and planning for that party has reportedly kept her busy (and in good spirits) for the much of the last week, as well.

Getting By… With A Little Help From Friends

Plus, thankfully, it sounds like the model is able to lean on family and friends now that she really needs it. According to the report, she’s been in “regular communication” with her younger brothers — including Blanket, who is right now getting ready to go off to college. Sources say that longtime family friend Macaulay Culkin has thankfully also been “a big support” for Paris right now.

Sources close to the famous daughter of pop music royalty say the young adult still has “a long way to go,” but the news here is significantly better than what we were reporting last weekend amid high drama for Paris and plenty of tabloid gossip about the fluctuating state of her mental health.

All’s well that ends well, right?! Maybe… but we can’t help but feel like there’s more to the story here, especially after watching Paris’ personal reaction to all the fallout from her alleged suicide attempt in the first place!

What’s Really Going On?!

Almost immediately after the reported “suicide attempt” first hit the presses last week, Jackson publicly — and VERY firmly — denied it on social media. Then, she was seen in public later that very night (!) with her boyfriend… which would be unlikely had she really attempted suicide earlier in the day, only to be released immediately on her own recognizance, no?!

She’s made strong points multiple times now in the last few days about how the paparazzi has over-exaggerated her supposed mental states, too, which lend credence to her case that there may be some fishy business in the reporting here about just how unwell she’s actually been lately.

What do U think about all this, Perezcious readers?!

All the Paris drama has been a lot to wade through in the last week… what’s your opinion about what is really going on with Michael Jackson’s daughter?? Let us know in the comments (below)…

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