Prince George and Cousin Savannah Had a Cheeky Laugh at Princess Eugenie's Wedding

To no one’s surprise, the future King of England Prince George has stolen hearts at another royal wedding. On Friday, Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank made things official at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, with 5-year-old George serving as pageboy (and sister Charlotte as bridesmaid).

Shortly after arriving at the chapel, George and his 7-year-old cousin Savannah Phillips shared a laugh that was caught by nearby cameras.

What do you think they were laughing about? People trying to keep it together in the harsh winds outside? The latest Gary Janetti meme? Whatever it was, Charlotte was DEFINITELY judging their behavior.

Of course, George and Savannah have stolen the spotlight at major royal events before. In June, the cousins were up to no good while watching the Trooping the Colour festivities at the famous balcony at Buckingham Palace. Recall: this was when Savannah “shushed” George.

Savannah is also the same cousin who um, pushed George down a hill in June.

But it’s all good with these two now!

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