Prince Harry & William met yesterday & decided to split up the Royal Foundation

As we’ve been discussing all week, the Royal Foundation is no more. No, that’s not exactly right: the Royal Foundation as it existed previously is no more – it will no longer be the large banner charity for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Once Meghan was added to the foundation’s board (around the time of the Sussexes’ wedding), it basically could no longer exist as-is for a year. Emily Andrews broke the news this morning:

— Emily Andrews (@byEmilyAndrews) June 20, 2019

As much as the tabloids want to make this into a recent development/beef, the writing’s been on the wall for months now. The Royal Foundation was always going to be too unwieldy and shady with the two brothers and their wives all competing for attention within one organization. It was barely working before Meghan even came around, because Harry’s charitable interests had already begun to veer from the Cambridges’ vague keenness. And yes, the Royal Foundation only really “worked” when William felt like he was in “control” of Kate and especially Harry. As soon as Harry and Meghan began developing their own couple-brand separate from William, that’s when all the problems began.

As for the rumors of a “rift” between the couples… as I continue to say, it’s mostly about William and Harry. Kate and Meghan are perfectly willing to put aside their differences and work together as colleagues in The Firm. William and Harry ARE the Beef.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN and Backgrid.

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