Princess Diana Loved Pranking Princes William And Harry With Cheeky Gag Gifts For Christmas

‘One year, Harry got fake dog poo.’

Princess Diana loved pranking her sons with silly gag gifts for Christmas, including giving Prince Harry fake dog poop one year. Harry, of course, loved it and planned to startle his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, with it, The Mirror reports.

There are several adjectives to describe Princess Diana and her life, and not all of them good. “Tragic” and “misunderstood” often appear alongside words like “loving” and “devoted.” But according to her former butler and confidant, Paul Burrell, you can add the word “cheeky” to the list – “cheeky” being a British word that, in this context anyway, means something akin to “playfully naughty.”

Burrell tells his interviewer that the former Princess of Wales loved to laugh and joke with the boys and loved pulling playful pranks with them – playful pranks that they would turn around and use on other members of the family. This was especially true at Christmas when she would look for silly gag gifts to stuff into the boys’ Christmas stockings.

“She’d spend hours looking for jokey things for their stockings. One year, Harry got fake dog poo.”

Harry was, of course, thrilled at the gift, and he couldn’t wait to prank famous dog-lover Queen Elizabeth with it. Unfortunately, it’s not known if he pulled it off.

Burrell went on to give another example of how the mother of the future king of England tried to give her boys as “normal” a life as possible – a tradition that William continues to this day with his own children. For example, on Saturday nights, they had a family dinner routine – a routine not unlike that of many ordinary English families.

“The three of them would nip to McDonald’s for a Big Mac and fries before coming back to watch Blind Date. All three of them would squat on this massive, stuffed hippopotamus Diana had in her sitting room.”

The three would then get super into the contestants and their dates, and the boys would even shout at the TV, encouraging the contestants to pick this date or that date.

Another tradition that Diana started is less “cheeky” and more “touching and beautiful.” Burrell says that Diana assembled photo albums of the boys and would often pull them out and reminisce with them.

“It was her giving them the story of their lives in pictures and they have their names in gold lettering on the front.”

It’s a tradition that Diana hoped the boys would continue with their own wives and children. And though Burrell can’t be certain, he believes that William and Kate are doing the same thing with George, Charlotte, and Louis.

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