The Rock: Fans Blast Him After He Slams ‘Easily Offended Generation Snowflake’: He’s ‘Lost My Respect’

It looks like The Rock has jumped on the bandwagon of labeling millennials ‘snowflakes’ & his followers are NOT happy about it.

Well, this is disappointing. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 46, is among the list of celebrities that have cast of an entire generation of fans off as “snowflakes.” In a new interview, the legendary wrestler turned actor claimed that the younger generations of today are actually setting society backwards! “So many good people fought for freedom and equality – but this generation are looking for a reason to be offended. If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended – and that is not what so many great men and women fought for,” he said to The Daily Star. “People can be who they want, be with who they want, and live how they want. That can only be a good thing – but generation snowflake or, whatever you want to call them, are actually putting us backwards,” he added, during the interview. Unsurprisingly, the remark didn’t exactly sit well with the star’s younger set of fans!

After catching wind of the interview, fans felt some type of way, and they openly blasted the star on the Twittersphere. “@TheRock , what’s the point of calling people ‘Snowflakes’? It’s literally the opposite of the positive messages many have come to love from your usual feed…” one fan said in a post. “@TheRock has lost all of my respect. while ‘generation snowflake’, as you so ignorantly put it, is trying to stop school shootings and prevent anti-minority legislation to protect ourselves, cishet male wrestlers are complaining about how we’re moving the world backward,” another fan wrote in a tweet. Did The Rock just lose himself an entire set of fans?!

Perhaps, The Rock is just a little fuzzy after the media whirlwind surrounding his new show. The actor is at the helm of the uplifting and intense competition series. The Titan Games which premiered on Jan. 3! In the show, competitors will square off for a grand prize, and face their opponents in a series of head-to-head challenges. Veteran NBC Sports host Liam McHugh and well-known esports announcer Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez will serve as commentators!

We’re all for free speech and Rock is no stranger to controversy – but maybe someone should tell him he may have lost himself a couple Instagram followers with this one!

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