This red lipstick claims to suit EVERY woman so we put it to the test

Red lipstick is iconic. It’s one of the few beauty looks that’s as modern as it is timeless, that walks the line between sexy and classy. With one quick slick it says you’re a woman who’s confident, glamorous and ready for anything.

So why are we often too scared to wear it?

The big issue is finding a red that suits you. We’ve all heard the advice about matching red lipstick to the undertones in your skin, but who even knows what that means? Heck, even high-tech foundation matching scanners don’t always agree on whether your complexion is warm or cool, so what hope do we have?

It’s precisely this confusion that’s sent Maybelline off in search of beauty’s holy grail: the suit-all red lip. And after 2,500 make-up applications on 50 women of different skin tones, and analysing how different pigments look on a variety of complexions, that’s pretty much what they claim they’ve found.

An impressive 94% of testers liked the final Color Sensational Made For All lipstick in Red For Me, £7.99, which is one of six new ‘suits-all’ lipsticks in Maybelline’s Made For All collection.

An impressive stat in the beauty lab, but does it stand up real life? To find out, we took six very different ladies and got busy with the lippie…

Nathalie: ‘Any red lipstick makes me feel a bit self-conscious, as it’s such "A Thing". It’s the make-up equivalent of wearing a hat. Saying that, I can see this one suits me. I’m impressed by the way it defines my lip shape. Can I take it home please?’

Wei Lin: ‘Red is my go-to lip colour. I feel like I can put on a bright red and instantly look like I’ve got a full face of make-up. This one is such a great shade, it’s what I’d call a true red: not too orange, not too much of a blue undertone, just a really pure red. I love it!’

Isabel: ‘I like red anyway, and I normally wear one from a very expensive designer brand. That one’s a very flat matte, but I’d add the Maybelline lipstick to my make-up bag because it’s a beautiful colour and a real bargain.’

Camilla: ‘I wear a nude lipstick more often than I wear red, but I really like this one. It’s made me think I should wear red more. It gives a beautiful pop of colour and suits my skin tone.’

Kirsty: ‘I don’t often wear bold, statement lipstick. However, for the rare times in my life I have occasion to make a statement, I’d probably go for this one. When I first saw it in the mirror I thought, "Wow, it’s bright", but when I saw it on camera I was won over.’

Juliana: ‘I like the idea of red lipstick and I’ve bought several in the past – then I’ve got them home and never worn them. I’ve felt like they just make my lips look small. But I really love this one, it’s a great shade with a plumping effect. I need to buy it!’

Our verdict

We admit it, we were sceptical. ‘I don’t think this red is going to work on everyone,’ our make-up artist said as the models trooped in. And yet it did. The final effect varied a little depending on each girl’s natural lip colour, but it lifted everyone’s complexion and was wearable, glam and pretty.

We tried it on ourselves too and were impressed by the shade and the comfy, hydrating feel.

Of course, some women just feel red lipstick isn’t their thing, and if you’re one of them maybe nothing will change your mind. Fair enough. All the same, we reckon it’s worth giving this one a go before you write red off forever…

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