AFC Asian Cup 2019 fixtures and results as India lose to UAE and Jordan down Syria

Holders Australia were stunned in their opening game by the Jordan side Harry Redknapp used to manage, while India picked up a first win at the tournament since 1964.

Asian Cup 2019 fixtures and results

(All fixtures listed in UK time)

Saturday, January 5

Group A: UAE 1 Bahrain 1

Sunday, January 6

Group A: Thailand 1 India 4

Group B: Australia 0 Jordan 1

Group B: Syria 0 Palestine 0

Monday, January 7

Group C: China 2 Kyrgyzstan 1

Group C: South Korea 1 Phillipines 0

Group D: Iran 5 Yemen 0

Tuesday, January 8

Group D: Iraq 3 Vietnam 2

Group E: Saudi Arabia 4 North Korea 0

Wednesday, January 9

Group F: Japan 3 Turkmenistan 2

Group F: Uzbekistan 2 Oman 1

Group E: Qatar 2 Lebanon 0

Thursday, January 10

Group A: Bahrain 0 Thailand 1

Group B: Jordan 2 Syria 0

Group A: India 0 UAE 2

Friday, January 11

Group B: Palestine vs Australia (11am)

Group C: Philippines vs China (1.30pm)

Group C: Kyrgyzstan vs South Korea (4pm)

Saturday, January 12

Group D: Vietnam vs Iran (11am)

Group D: Yemen vs Iraq (1.30pm)

Group E: Lebanon vs Saudi Arabia (4pm)

Sunday, January 13

Group E: North Korea vs Qatar (11am)

Group F: Oman vs Japan (1.30pm)

Group F: Turkmenistan vs Uzbekistan (4pm)

Monday, January 14

Group A: India vs Bahrain (4pm)

Group A: UAE vs Thailand (4pm)

Tuesday, January 15

Group B: Australia vs Syria (1.30pm)

Group B: Palestine vs Jordan (1.30pm)

Wednesday, January 16

Group C: South Korea vs China (1.30pm)

Group C: Kyrgyzstan vs Philippines (1.30pm)

Group D: Iran vs Iraq (4pm)

Group D: Vietnam vs Yemen (4pm)

Thursday, January 17

Group F: Japan vs Uzbekistan (1.30pm)

Group F: Oman vs Turkmenistan (1.30pm)

Group E: Lebanon vs North Korea (4pm)

Group E: Saudi Arabia vs Qatar (4pm)

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