Argentina star Alan Franco crashes into car taking pregnant woman to hospital in horror CCTV footage

The 22-year-old – who recently earned his first cap for the Argentinian national team – also allegedly attempted to bribe police following the incident.

The accident happened in the early hours of yesterday morning, when Franco was on his was back from the birthday of one of his friend's children.

In the video captured by CCTV footage, the centre-backs Jeep can be seen crashing into a Chevrolet Corsa after the vehicle crossed a junction.

Camila Carrera, 20, and seven months pregnant, was driving to the hospital with partner Ivan Luna after experiencing pain.

And she was left hospitalised following the collision, where she suffered a broken rib amongst other injuries, though fortunately the pregnancy is not believed to be at risk.

Both drivers of the crash were given a blood alcohol test, though the results have not been released.

A picture from Franco's Jeep shows a crate of beer inside the car, while several witnesses state beer cans were thrown out of the vehicle.

Speaking of the collision, Luna's mum Laura Atrio told TV channel C5N: "Franco acted dumb and people wanted to lynch him.

"The only thing he wanted to do was sort it out by paying the police."

Franco's side Independiente also commented on the matter, as they said: "It was a car accident and nothing more.

"He's going to go to training because he's in the middle of the pre-season.

"He only has a little blow to the calf, the most important thing is that Ivan, Camilo and his son are fine, now things will go their way in justice."

The case has been brought to the police and prosecutor Jose Orlando Hernandez ordered that the proceedings be classified as culpable injuries.

The investigation is ongoing and Franco had not been arrested or charged at the time of writing.

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