Carl Jenkinson reminds Arsenal why he has spent two years in the wilderness with Sporting show

The defender once touted for international stardom is the man that football forgot and who nobody wants.

Yet he was presented with an unlikely chance to resurrect what has been a hugely disappointing career by a series of injuries to Unai Emery's preferred men.

But in his first European appearance for two years, all the 26-year-old ended up doing was reminding everybody why he has not been seen for so long.

Jenkinson, who let us remember has made one senior appearance for England, is now a figure of fun for the Arsenal fans who once held such high hopes for him.

And he did his best to live up to his billing here, producing moments of pure comedy before he was put out of his misery by being substituted on the hour.

Now no-one was expecting a world beating display from the Londoner here, especially given he was being asked to play at left back.

But just a few minutes were on the clock before he gave an indication of how far his star has fallen.

The ball was switched from right to left where Jenkinson was in acres of space, but he then contrived to get his legs tangled as he attempted to bring the ball down and set off on an attack.

His touch was so bad it actually turned into a good pass, setting Alex Iwobi racing away on the counter attack while our hapless hero attempted to style it out by surging forward in support.

You would have thought he would have called it quits there and just stuck to the basics, but not 'Jenko' who suddenly got giddy with attacking ideas under the floodlights.

Arsenal had seen a raid down the right cleared by the stretched Sporting defence, and the ball rolled out into space 25-yards out.

That wads all the temptation Jenkinson needed to gallop onto the ball and let fly – off the outside of his boot, ten yards high and wide of the target.

In fairness, he has never been an exciting or cultured attacking type of full-back in the mould of Roberto Carlos or Marcelo.

And he did then revert back to his usual role of stopping Sporting before giving the ball to his team-mates with five yard passes.

But the best, or worst, was yet to come.

When a headed clearance looped 30-yards out ten minutes into the second half, Jenkinson stepped up with an almighty swing of his boot….. and the ball sliced behind him.

Comedy gold that left the Arsenal fans laughing out loud. They have a sense of humour in these parts.

Less so Emery, who had seen enough. As soon as Sead Kolasinac could be stretched and stripped for duty, the number 25 was held aloft and the Jenkinson show was over.

Will it ever be repeated, though?

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