CM Punk hits back at Jack Swagger after ex-WWE star claimed UFC fighter 'didn't like getting hit in face'

Ex-wrestlers CM Punk and Swagger formerly worked for WWE, however, they both find themselves now residing in the sport of MMA.

Former WWE champion CM Punk announced in 2014 that would be fighting for the UFC, though he lost his opening two fights against Mickey Gall and Mike Jackson.

While Swagger, real name Jake Hagger, has just signed for Bellator and makes his MMA debut tonight.

Speaking to media before his debut, Hagger suggested CM Punk and former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar did not like getting hit in the face.

Hagger said: “I’m very lucky that it’s 2019 and I don’t have to have video cassettes of all the promotions to get this.

“I can just go on YouTube, and see the footage, and get the film, and have the research, and get better.

“The main thing I take away from it is, you can’t be afraid to get punched in the face at camp. You see that with Brock, you see that with Punk, they didn’t want to get punched in the face.

“I needed it, I needed to learn how to react to it and see how my body is gonna have the instincts to react in that moment.

“That’s the main things I took from it, and at the same time, those other guys, they shied away from their pro wrestling background, where, I’m embracing it.

“This is who I am and, dude, I love it, ya know? What’s not to like?”

The winless CM Punk responded to the dig as he suggested Hagger should also refrain from liking being on the end of a punch – while the 40-year-old claimed he is rooting for his former WWE colleague.

CM Punk said: “You shouldn’t either. Good skill this weekend, pulling for you.”

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