Eddie Hearn planning on Kell Brook fighting in December before he faces Amir Khan early next year

The Matchroom promoter has been negotiating with the duo to set up a showdown in February or March.

Brook has reportedly agreed to fight Khan while weighing 147 lbs with no re-hydration clause.

And Hearn admits Special K is set to step foot inside in the ring before Christmas.

Speaking to ESPN, he said: "It's been in the mix for a while,

"With (Manny) Pacquiao not committed to a fight with Khan, (Brook-Khan) could be in February or March. We know it's a huge fight. We're looking at that,

"Brook may run out on December 8."

Khan's controversial re-hydration clause will restrict Brooks from putting more than 10 lbs on between the weigh-in and fight night.

Brook, 32, took to Twitter hitting back at Khan's demands.

He said: "Please Mr. Brook don't rehydrate and hurt me,

“This DIVA still thinks he's a celebrity and in the jungle rationing what I can eat, I'll weigh in at 147, and then eat whatever I like."

Hearn added: "We're talking about it, but the re-hydration clause is not agreed to yet.”

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