Vunipola and Faletau are family but Six Nations rivals – but they both back Wales for glory this weekend

So SunSport got the chance to speak to the English and Welsh pair and cousins together in London ahead of the tournament's final day.

Jonny Fordham: How is it all going with you injury right now after breaking your arm, Toby?

Toby Faletau: My arm is fine, at times you want to be out there and be around it, but I am just glad to see the boys winning and hopefully they can win again on Saturday and reclaim the Six Nations.

I had a little blip last week that might set me back a couple of weeks. It looks like the season is done, so it is just about getting right in the summer and moving forward.

There is no rush. I've spoken to Billy Vunipola too and I went to see the same guy. So hopefully this time it will do the job. It seems to be right with him, so hopefully I'm the same.


JF: And how about you Mako, another campaign cut short with an ankle injury must be a blow?

Mako Vunipola: I'm coming along and hopefully I can be back soon to help Saracens as much as I can.

The timeline is about six weeks from now, so if all goes well hopefully I will be back in time for Bristol.

It was good to get a run out with the England boys in the Six Nations and have some fun out there, but disappointing missing such a big game against Wales.

But it could have been worse and I could have missed the whole thing like Toby, so I have to look at it like that. It has been good to see the boys bounce back and now they have an opportunity.

They need a bit of luck and hopefully they can perform against Scotland.

JF: It's a big one on Saturday for both England and Wales, but how do you think Wales will do Toby?

Faletau: Wales have got better with each game like they usually do.

They would have been pleased with the England result, they got over the line against Scotland and I'm sure they have been working hard this week to make sure everything is right and in place.

There is still a lot to play for and both teams are firing – obviously I hope Wales come out on top.


JF: How about you, Mako, you must think England can win it?

Vunipola: Ireland and Wales have both got better – Wales especially from that first week.

For me I think they will be too strong, especially back home in Cardiff, that's a massive factor for them. For England I think we have to keep looking ahead and then towards the bigger picture.

It would have been pleasing to win the Six Nations, but from where we were last year, to the summer, then the autumn, to now, we have built and hopefully we can keep that momentum going.

JF: How will that Wales squad be feeling, though Mako, you've won and lost a Grand Slam. . .

Vunipola: By the end of the last week you are just hoping the game comes quickly because it's a long tournament.

Mentally more than anything, it's a drain on you. Having been away from home and your family, it is a tough sacrifice.

But also exciting as well and you know you have a big opportunity and you just want that game to come along quickly. Once you're out there, you just rip in.


JF: Casting an eye back over the squads, who has been Wales' star man, Toby?

Faletau: Josh Adams has gone well.

The back three is very competitive and Josh has done well, they have trusted him and he has paid them back. Liam Williams has gone well too – so have the back-row.


JF: What about with England, Mako?

Vunipola: Manu Tuilagi has gone well, Jonny May too.

But for me, I would probably look at Tom Curry, I can be biased as a forward.

For a 20-year-old, the way he has performed and that first-half against Wales he really stood out for us.

And for Curry to be injury-free, he has earned his place and has shown everyone that he is a top performer. He is a very easy-going guy, but maybe a little bit too gullible at times – but that is just an age thing. I'm sure he will learn as he gets older!

He brings a lot onto himself to be fair though, but he loves making it a joke about himself.


JF: And has anyone elsewhere in the Six Nations stood out for you guys?

Faletau: For me, Jonny May – the guy doesn't ever stop and he scores tries for fun.

Vunipola: Liam Williams has gone very well, but also the whole Welsh back-row – sorry Toby – Josh Navidi and Justin Tipuric have been immense.

Every time they make a tackle they make an effect on the game. And Hamish Watson made one hell of an impact for Scotland too. It's been great to watch.


JF: Finally, looking outside of the Six Nations – what have you made about the Nations League. You must be upset at the thought about the Pacific Islands being locked out? And would you want to see a tour there one day soon as well?

Vunipola: It would be immense for the Islands for England to go there.

For the Islanders it would do so much for them and lift the countries – having such a massive thing there. Everyone would be there and thousands would fly back to watch it too.

It would be an amazing occasion if it does happen and for me as a player I would love it to happen in my career. If they wanted it to happen, then it will. I would love the opportunity to go back and play Tonga.

Faletau: It's the same for me and it's unfortunate that I've not been around for a tour – hopefully they do it again.

To go back there and to be in Tonga playing against them as a Tongan would be a huge occasion.


Ahead of the final round of the Guinness Six Nations, Guinness is working with cousins and rivals, Mako Vunipola and Toby Faletau, to celebrate the incredible passion, fierce rivalries and long-lasting friendships the Championship creates. More at

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