Oil tanker hit by torpedo sinks – US Navy scrambles to scene

The shocking strikes on two Norwegian vessels, come after mine attacks on Saudi Arabian, Norwegian, and Emirate ships on May 12. However, the Norwegian owner of the MT Front Altair denied Iranian claims the vessel has sunk after reports emerged it was hit with mines and a torpedo. Shocking images showed the ship ablaze and smoke pouring out into a […]

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World War reparations: Greece DEMANDS €377 billion from Germany in ‘compensation’

Under the occupation of Hitler’s Germany, 300,000 Greek nationals were killed from April 1941 to September 1944. The Nazis committed numerous massacres in parts of the country, including Lyngiades, Distomo, Kalavryta, Kandanos or Viannos. Athens billed Germany on Tuesday, for reasons including the “material destruction” of landmarks, “the dismantling of factories” as well as victims’ compensation and the repayment of […]

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