EU backs controversial 'meme ban' law taking on the tech companies

The European Parliament has voted to adopt a controversial law that could have implications for the way content is shared online. Two parts of the law, Article 11 and Article 13, have been the most contentious because critics fear could negatively affect the way music, memes and news articles are shared online through social networks or on YouTube. However, lawmakers […]

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Ilkay Gundogan backs Man City team-mate Raheem Sterling after racial abuse and says: ‘I know how that feels’ and 'how much it hurts'

The England international, 24, was the victim of cruel taunts during Manchester City's defeat to Chelsea last weekend. Gundogan can empathise with Sterling after he was abused by Germany fans at the World Cup because of his Turkish heritage. The 28-year-old was continually booed after he posed for a picture alongside Mesut Ozil and Turkey president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. But […]

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Goulding backs Melbourne United to handle Wildcats’ pressure

Melbourne United captain Chris Goulding needed one word when asked whether Perth Wildcats' upset loss to Sydney Kings on Friday would spice up Perth’s clash with his side on Monday. "Nope" was Goulding's response, he knows the Wildcats and Melbourne rivalry is already at a peak following their double overtime thriller in Perth this season. Monday night's game at Melbourne […]

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Pocock backs Cheika, reveals ‘real concerns’ for own neck

David Pocock has voiced his support for under-siege Wallabies coach Michael Cheika but has also provided a concerning insight into how he is still battling neck soreness – to the point he cancelled an overseas holiday to ensure he could get right for a World Cup year. Pocock’s comments came on a day where the 30-year-old claimed a third Rugby Union […]

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Fox News backs CNN over Trump in Acosta legal fight

New York: US President Donald Trump's favourite television network, Fox News, has made a surprise intervention by backing media rival CNN in its legal stoush with the Trump administration over the revocation of the credentials of CNN's chief White House correspondent. On Tuesday, local time, CNN filed a lawsuit against the administration, demanding the return of reporter Jim Acosta's "hard pass", which […]

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Kelly backs rookie import Hall ahead of United test

Mike Kelly is a first-year head coach, but he is no rookie. The new Cairns Taipans mentor has been in the NBL ranks since the mid-1990s, winning championships as both an elite defensive player and an assistant coach before taking the opportunity to take charge of his own side. Mike KellyCredit:AAP Kelly made a positive start, signing three impressive imports […]

Read more Backs Cardi B: ‘Footages’ Is a Word

You learn something new every day! Cardi B has a supporter in, who backed her up after people questioned her usage of the word “footages.” The “Get Up 10” rapper, 26, was engaged in a social media war with Nicki Minaj on Monday, October 29, during which she slammed her rival in a series of videos posted on Instagram […]

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