Grieving relatives pay tribute to victims of Shankill bombing

Shankill Bomb remembered: Grieving relatives pay tribute to nine innocent victims including two children killed in IRA chip shop bombing 25 years ago 1993 Shankill Road bombing killed nine people including two children IRA blew up fish shop where they believed loyalist leaders were meeting But meeting had been rearranged while bomb went off prematurely Families and relatives gathered at […]

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Grieving mother of girl killed by Pret sandwich reveals near-misses

‘She wasn’t meant to die’: Grieving mother of girl, 15, killed by Pret sandwich reveals the terrifying near-misses she suffered growing up and the elaborate precautions her family had to take to keep her from harm Natasha Ednan-Laperouse ate Pret sandwich after buying it at Heathrow Airport  She went into anaphylactic shock from sesame allergy and died in hospital  Coroner […]

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