Facebook’s new feature could cause a lot of embarrassment for ‘stalkers’

We’ve all been there – you casually look at a friend’s Facebook photos, and somehow find yourself browsing through their aunt’s best friend’s daughter’s ‘Lanzarote 2009’ photo album. But the days of casually Facebook ‘stalking’ just got a lot riskier, thanks to Facebook’s latest feature. The social media giant has quietly added a new way to like photos by double-tapping […]

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Here’s how to spy on people using your Apple AirPods

An Apple tool designed to help the hearing impaired unwittingly allows vulgar criminals to spy on people. The Live Listen feature loaded onto Apple’s wireless AirPods makes it easy for tricksters to eavesdrop on a conversation – by giving them super hearing. The little-known tool is included in Apple’s latest version of iOS and appears as an ear icon once […]

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Twitter Confirms: Hebrew Translation Error Was A Bug

For a couple of days prior to the new year, the “translate tweet” button failed to appear on some Hebrew-language tweets, including those by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli government officials. This led to a conspiracy theory, spread by journalist Laura Loomer and others, that Twitter had done so for anti-Semitic reasons, in order to undermine the […]

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