Celebs Weigh in on Who the New Oscars Host Should Be

It’s the game everyone in Hollywood is playing … “Who’s the next Oscars host??” … but after Kevin Hart‘s sudden departure, it’s getting harder and harder to play. We got “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” star Dorothy Wang leaving Delilah Saturday night, and asked who was her pick to step into Hart’s shoes. She actually had one in mind but […]

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What It's Like Having Kevin Hart Knock Your Ass Out

WHAM! The ball slammed into the wall above me at 60 mph, rattling plexiglass and sending my fight-or-flight instincts into overdrive as I stepped to the next foothold. I had no time to think — the very next moment, a second shot nailed me square in the head and I tumbled to the mat below. I heard unrestrained cackling from […]

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YouTube Outlines New Content Deals, as CEO Reiterates Promises to Improve ‘Brand Safety’

YouTube now has 1.8 billion logged-in users each month — and with that huge scale comes huge responsibilities, CEO Susan Wojcicki said at YouTube’s Brandcast event for advertisers Thursday. At the event, held at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall, the company announced several content deals. It’s renewing three of the seven ad-supported original shows it announced last year: […]

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