Meghan Markle Rejects Dad Thomas’ Plea To See His Grandchild

Meghan Markle has snubbed her father’s appeals to let him see his grandchild, has exclusively learned – all to keep her royal in-laws happy! Insiders believe Thomas Markle Sr.’s shameful public pleas are just another ploy for the absentee dad to get back in his pregnant daughter’s good graces and one-up her hoity-toity new family! “He wasn’t much of […]

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Meghan Markle Lookalikes, Celebrity Doppelgangers

Pretty much every girl on the planet wants to be Meghan Markle right now. After having a successful career as an actress, the 37-year-old retired early to, you know, just MARRY A FREAKIN’ PRINCE! If that isn’t #LifeGoals, we don’t know what is. As one of the faces of Great Britain, Meghan has to look on-point at all times. She […]

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Learn from the Royals, Meghan, and behave with a bit of dignity when it comes to your daughter-father relationship

The Duchess of Sussex’s handwritten letter to her estranged father was a sincere attempt by a heartbroken daughter to try to “repair” their relationship. Well, that’s what the PR spin, perhaps engineered by Meghan herself, would like you to think. But then a large chunk of the missive was made public by the loose cannon that is Thomas Markle and […]

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