How to, Maybe, Be Less Indecisive (or Not)

Should you order tacos or tikka masala? Stay at the hotel with the free breakfast or the one with all the succulents? Melt into the couch or drag yourself to happy hour? If you’re like me, even the simplest decisions can make your pulse race. And when it comes to big, life-altering choices, the need to get it right (because […]

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Doctors could soon prescribe sex robots to patients, expert claims

From aspirin to paracetamol, doctors prescribe a number of medications to their patients every day. But it seems that in the near future, doctors could prescribe a rather unusual remedy to some patients – sex robots. Sex therapist Dr Marianna Brandon claims that doctors could prescribe sex robots to patients diagnosed as ‘sexually dysfunctional,’ according to Psychology Today. Sex robots […]

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Model Stefanie Sherk died ‘due to depression’ says heartbroken husband

Demian Bichir has confirmed in two moving Instagram posts that his model wife Stefanie Sherk committed suicide while battling depression. Oscar nominated Demian posted four statements on social media, two in English and two in Spanish, as he confirmed the full details surrounding the death of 43-year-old Stefanie. He confirmed the coroner's report has classified her death as suicide and […]

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