Solar-powered sea slug and curled octopus are making a comeback

Solar-powered sea slug and curled octopus are among creatures making a comeback in British waters The creatures are among a host of sealife making a comeback to Britain’s coast  Volunteers helped gather information and monitor areas for the Wildlife Trusts    Dorset fishermen found rare short-snouted seahorse off the Purbeck coast You may not realise it, but it’s been a good year […]

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What Did Rebecca Sing To Jack? ‘This Is Us’ Debuted Her Emotional Demo Song

This week, This Is Us brought us a sun-soaked look into 1970s California as Jack and Rebecca’s spontaneous road trip culminated with Rebecca’s meeting at a record company. Although she thought the meeting was an easy path to achieving her goals, the company’s representatives didn’t exactly align with Rebecca’s vision, seemingly answering her uncertainty about moving to Los Angeles. While […]

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