An irritating WhatsApp bug is ruining people's phone calls

WhatsApp users have been clobbered by an annoying bug which is causing their phone calls to end prematurely. Victims of the glitch first suffer the indignity of having their calls aborted. Then, to add insult to injury, they are told to restart their entire device to get everything working properly again. The WhatsApp voice call feature is very popular because […]

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How to make your Facebook account delete itself after you die

It’s not the most cheerful thought, but you may find yourself wondering what happens to your Facebook account after you die. Unless you pre-prepare, the short answer is nothing. However, there are several other options that you can arrange now, including turning your profile into a memorial page, or making your account delete itself after you die. Here’s everything you […]

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How to reply privately to WhatsApp messages in a group chat

Group chats are one of WhatsApp's most popular features, allowing users to exchange messages with multiple people at the same time. But during the course of a group conversation, you might find yourself wanting to make a private comment to one of the other members. It's long been possible to reply to a particular comment within a group chat by […]

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