Google’s Pixel 3 is a top-notch iPhone alternative

Google’s latest smartphone, the Pixel 3, hits stores on Thursday. With it, the search giant has created a worthy alternative for those hesitant to shell out a thousand or more bucks for the latest iPhone.

Display: The screen on the Pixel 3 is gorgeous. It’s sharper and more vibrant than last year’s Pixel 2 display. Photos and videos have added life when viewed on the Google machine.

Design: Much has been made of the Pixel 3 XL’s notch — the smaller Pixel 3 does not have one. The criticisms have been exaggerated. After a week of use, the notch seems no more intrusive than the iPhone’s.

Camera: The Pixel 2 was widely considered to have the best camera on the smartphone market, and the Pixel 3 lives up to its predecessor. Photos from the Pixel are as stellar as ever. Pitting it against the iPhone XS’ camera, the Pixel 3 held its own in every test. One of the Pixel 3’s best new features is the wide-angle, front-facing camera, which takes the phone’s selfie game to the next level.

Smarts: Google Assistant is infinitely more useful than Siri, and the phone’s integration with all of Google’s products makes it an extremely useful device.

But the best new feature on the Pixel 3 is call screening. Using the feature prompts Google Assistant to answer a call with a greeting, showing text on the screen of who is calling. Handy for blocking telemarketers.

Verdict: The Pixel 3 is smart, lightning-fast and has a powerful camera and battery. With prices starting at $799 and $849 for the smaller and larger models, it is almost a bargain.

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