IQIYI CEO Gong Yu Says Artificial Intelligence Will Reshape Showbiz

Gong Yu, founder and CEO of China’s leading streaming platform iQIYI, said at Mipcom content market on Tuesday that artificial intelligence “will reshape the entertainment industry over the next 10-15 years, much more so than the internet did over the past three decades.”

There was a shift underway from the “internet era” to the “A.I. era,” he asserted. In the former, users browse and search content from the company’s library of content; in the latter, creators and platforms “provide tailor-made content” and “intelligent recommendations” to the users.

Among the uses of A.I. technology in entertainment would be “Intelligent Creation,” such as the deployment of A.I. in casting, script evaluation, and traffic and box-office predictions. But it would also be utilized in other areas, such as customer service, monetization, distribution, and content production, such as keyword and thumbnail generation.

He said that the traditional entertainment and online entertainment businesses would continue to merge in the future. He cited as an example the fact that more than 80% of tickets for movie theaters in China are now bought online.


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