OnePlus 7 owners receive good news as more features revealed for this phone

OnePlus 7 Pro was unwrapped on May 14 and is easily the company’s most premium handset to date.

The smartphone’s most tantalising feature is by far its display that is gargantuan and offers an incredibly smooth user experience thanks to its increased frame rate.

OnePlus 7 Pro also comes with a triple camera system on its rear comprised of a standard, telephoto and an ultra wide-angle lens.

OnePlus prides itself of listening to fan feedback to improve its devices – the firm has already issued the 7 Pro with an update to better its camera quality after some fans accused its images of being “too soft”.

OnePlus is not stopping there though – the firm recently highlighted new features for its 7 series of smartphones that have been requested by users and confirmed some are in development.

The most notable of which was said to be the ability to record video using the 7 Pro’s ultra wide-angle camera.

Discussing the addition of the feature in a forum post, the firm said: “This feature request has already been approved and is currently under development.

“We know how anxious you are for this feature and we hear you.”

Secondly, OnePlus confirmed it is bringing a step counter to its devices and is likely to arrive as a tool within the firm’s Shelf feature.

The tech giant went on: “We will merge this feature into the routine of OnePlus Shelf development to bring this functionality to you without adding any bloatware to the system.”

OnePlus also emphasised it is working on improving its new Zen Mode feature to allow users to adjust its duration.

Zen Mode debuted on the OEM’s 7 series of handsets and encourages users to take a break from their smartphone by limiting its functionality.

At the moment, the tool can only be set to work in 20 minute sessions.

Finally, OnePlus also stated it is also working on “alternatives to implement” an always-on-display.

Unlike many other flagship smartphones on the market, the OnePlus 7 Pro does not feature an always-on-display to allow owners to see their notifications at a glance.

Unfortunately, no precise release dates for any of the features mentioned above were given.

A full list of forthcoming features can be viewed on OnePlus’ recent forum post.

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