Red Dead Redemption II reveals first-look at gameplay in new trailer

Rockstar are notorious for not showing us gameplay of their highly-anticipated titles until close to launch, which would be incredibly annoying if they didn’t consistently deliver on the goods.

With Red Dead Redemption II just over two months away from releasing, the lid has finally been lifted on what the sequel to one of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360’s best games will actually play like.

Well, it’s been partly lifted anyway. This is only the first gameplay video in a series, and the good stuff (read: the fishing minigame) is being held back until next time.

What is shown in this video is looking mighty fine, though. Your honourable/disreputable decisions will have a big impact on the world, while your gang-turned-makeshift-family members will reveal more secrets and missions the more time you choose to invest.

Combat has been given an overhaul, both in terms of fisticuffs and weapons. Guns are now more varied in how they handle, with realistic recoil and reload for that grounded feel.

What we’re most intrigued about, however, is the expansion of the horse mechanics. Different horses are better suited to different tasks, and are now integral for hauling back animals you’ve poached.

You also get to pet them, which is how we will be spending 60% of our playtime (the other 40% will be playing Liar’s Dice).

Red Dead Redemption II will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 26, which is the day after this writer’s birthday *hint hint*Amazon giftcard*hint*.

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