Super Samsung deal of the day: Spread the costs of phones and TVs

Even though technology is getting cheaper than ever, we still understand that it can be helpful to spread the costs out over a few months.

Turns out Samsung understands this too, as it’s currently offering a 0% interest finance deal on any Samsung product that costs more than £249 – and that includes some of the hottest tech available, from gaming monitors and TVs to laptops and the Galaxy S9.

Samsung’s had a pretty strong year, releasing flagship phones, top-of-the-line laptops and some futuristic 8K QLED TV screens.

And you can have it all and spread the costs over several months. Neat, eh?

Read below to find out the best deals from Samsung’s ridiculous list of great products – and here’s more info on the Samsung finance scheme.

Samsung Smartphone deals

Samsung’s well known for its range of incredible smartphones – and it’s reduced the cost on a number of their top-notch models to make them more affordable.

For example, you can buy the Galaxy S9+ with Hybrid sim and 128GB memory for £799 (reduced from £869). If you’re eligible for the 0% finance scheme and opt to use it over 24 months, that works out at a monthly cost of £33.30 – and you can even get up to £200 off the total cost of the phone when you trade in your old phone.

If you want a smaller phone, go for the Galaxy S9 with 64GB memory for £679 – or opt to pay £28.30 a month over 24 months.

Again, there’s the option to trade in your old phone to get up to a whopping £200 off the total price.

Alternatively, go super-size with the Galaxy Note9 with 512GB memory for £1,049. Pay £43.71 over 24 months to save some money – and, if you purchase before October 31, you have the option reduce the cost even more by trading in your old phone at checkout for up to £300.

Join the Samsung Upgrade programme to get the latest Note model every 12 months to stay up to date.

Samsung TV deals

8K TVs are still a long way off from becoming the norm, but you can get well ahead of the curve with the new 8K QLED range from Samsung.

The price is steep, but ultimately worth it. Buy the 75″ flagship QLED 8K HDR 4000 Smart TV for £6,999.

Samsung’s offering a free ‘No-Gap’ wall mount with the set, and also has 0% finance across several months, giving you a top-of-the-line TV for a (relatively) small monthly cost of £291 a month for 24 months.

Fancy something a little cheaper? We aren’t surprised. You can opt for the 49″ NU8000 Dynamic Crystal Colour Ultra HD 4K TV for £859, spreading the costs to £35.80 a month.

And if you’d rather play your video games on the PC than the TV, why not opt for Samsung’s QLED gaming monitor range? Buy the 49″ CHG90 curved HDR QLED gaming monitor for £1,299.

Samsung Tablet and Laptop deals

You can pick up a brand new tablet or laptop for pennies thanks to Samsung’s money-off deal.

Grab the 10.5″ Galaxy Tab S4 with 4G for £649, spreading the cost over 24 months to just £27.05. You can also get up to £200 off when you trade in an old tablet to significantly reduce the price – down to £449.

Or buy the latest Samsung Galaxy Book for £1,099, cutting the costs down to just £45.80 a month with the finance deal.

Amazon daily deals

As always, Amazon have fired across a number of excellent deals thanks to their daily discounts, which can see prices drop on 4K sports cameras, fitness trackers, and wireless headphones.

Buy the YUES T20 mini wireless headphones for £22.94.

Buy the Crosstour Action Cam 4K for £67.99.

Buy the Fitness Tracker Self-Timer Slim Smart Watch for £13.97.

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