You can get a Sony PSVR for less than £200 right now

Amazon’s continuing to knock out great bargains in the run up to Black Friday, and we couldn’t help but notice some price crashes on PSVR headsets and bundles that you can get right now.

VR’s yet to really take off in a big way, but if you haven’t given it a go yet, it’s a tonne of fun to immerse yourself in a new world – whether that be pooping your pants in a nerve-wracking horror, or blasting through enemies in an action adventure.

Sony PSVR has an ever-growing library of great titles that work perfectly with their headset, and you can get one from Amazon for less than £200.

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There are a few options you can go for, but the best deal we found will get you a PSVR Starter Pack for a mere £169.99.

The starter pack includes a PlayStation VR headset, a PlayStation camera and PlayStation VR worlds, which will give you access to a tonne of great games and features straight from your console.

The social gamers among you will be happy to know that you can get a twin controller pack as well to play with a buddy – there’s a PSVR Starter Pack, twin controllers and Skyrim VR available for £229.99.

Skyrim is a beloved game among the community and is so deep you can quite easily sink hundreds of hours into the gorgeous, open world – particularly after you put on the VR headset and take a look around for yourself.

And the controllers will let you interact with the world more realistically and will totally plunge you into your game.

Black Friday’s still a week away, but Digital Spy will be keeping on top of all the best deals and discounts, so make sure you keep checking back here to get the very best tech for the lowest prices.

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