2018 World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gerard Pique, other hot soccer players


The World Cup is a wonderful occasion. Countries from all over the globe come together to put aside their differences and compete in the beautiful game: Soccer (or football if you’re literally anywhere else in the world).

But while we’re all basking in (often borrowed) patriotic pride and rejoicing over last-minute goals and saves, it’s hard not to notice how ridiculously attractive, like, 100% of the players are. The legs! The abs! The man buns! It’s a feast for the eyes with something for everyone.

Because there’s too many hotties to keep track of, EW has compiled a list of some of the most smoldering soccer stars gracing the fields at the 2018 World Cup. Don’t say we’re not good to you. 

Rúrik Gíslason: Iceland

Go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights, they say. Go to Iceland to see the likes of Rúrik Gíslason, we say. Seriously, can you look away? Can you? Download your screensaver now.

Gerard Pique: Spain

If you can snag a gal as fine and fierce as Shakira, you gotta be doing something right. Gerard, please Pique me!

Alisson Becker: Brazil

AKA the Brazilian Liam Hemworth. And he eats gloves like a real man!

Ramadan Sobhi: Egypt

We’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want to feast on him. 

Neymar Jr.: Brazil

We can’t ever imagine saying no more to Neymar.

Martin Olsson: Sweden

Ah, Sweden. The home of well-written pop songs, social progression — and many beautiful soccer players, it would seem. 

Sergio Ramos: Spain

Never has a man benefited more from a haircut. The Spanish captain sheered off his flowing golden main back in 2012, giving us the opportunity to see his super-guapo face more clearly. 

Jack Butland: England 

The obvious caption is far too inappropriate, so we’ll just let your imagination run wild here. 

Yann Sommer: Switzerland

And you thought the best thing to come out of Switzerland was chocolate. We’d never eat another morsel of the sweet stuff if it meant running ours hands through Sommer’s slick locks. To Sommer-ize, we’re into him.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal

So maybe being the world’s best player ever is impressive or whatever, but we’re sure Ronaldo is way more proud that he’s included on this list. 

Jonathan Dos Santos: Mexico

Dos Santos? More like ONE MILLION Santos, please.

Jonas Hector: Germany 

If Jamie Dornan traded Ben Wa balls for soccer balls…

Tomoaki Makino: Japan

Those cheekbones and jawline are sharper than any precise, non-penalty-awarding tackle, in our eyes. 

Alfredo Talavera: Mexico

Ay, Papi.

Marco Asensio: Spain

The Spanish midfielder is sure leaving a Marco on my heart this World Cup.  

Manuel Neuer: Germany

If we played for Germany, all we’d do is try and score own goals. The dreamy goalie can keep(er) our hearts forever.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek: England

We just hope he’s as Cheek(y) as his name suggests 😉

Kim Shin-Wook: South Korea

More like Kim Win-Shook, amirite? 

Thorgan Hazard: Belgium

His name has “Thor” in it. Can you Hazard a guess to why I’m so smitten with the Belgian player?

Patrick Pemberton: Costa Rica

So maybe his name makes him sound like he attends Hogwarts, but the Costa Rican goalie doesn’t need magic to cast a spell on us.

David de Gea: Spain

Replacing the beloved Iker Casillas was no small task in terms of both talent and looks, but damn does de Gea, (along with his man bun and facial hair) measure up.

Mathew Leckie: Australia

G’day, mate. We envision a long life of barbies on the beach, bush walks in the Outback and surf lessons with the Aussie player.

Nicolas Tagliafico: Argentina 

Can we Tag(liafico) the Argentine left back as our life partner? 

Maya Yoshida: Japan

Won’t you be Maya(n)? 

Thomas Lemar: France

We’ve not felt such strong patriotism for France since Les Miserables. Vive la France!

Duje Caleta-Car: Croatia 

Duje think he’d date us? 

André Silva: Portugal 

The Portuguese striker can Silva into our DMs any day. 

Fabian Delph: England

Can we be part of your family forever (read the tattoo), Fabian?

Arkadiusz Milik: Poland

Pretty sure we could learn how to pronounce the Polish striker’s first name, if we were introduced.

Nahitan Nandez

Hey, Nahitan! Wanna come explain all those tattoos to us in great detail? 

Morteza Pouraliganji: Iran 

Perfect smile: check. Perfectly coiffed hair: check? Perfectly groomed beard: check. Essential elements for a world-class soccer player? No check, but important nonetheless. 

William Troost-Ekong: Nigeria

Troost us, he’s a hottie. 

Roman Burki: Switzerland

Burki can be the (Roman) emperor of my heart any day. 

Haris Seferovic: Switzerland

Sweat never looked sexier than on a Swiss striker.

Dusan Tadic: Serbia

A quick Google image search will reveal the Serbian midfielder’s a fan of taking his shirt off. Game-changing news for us all. 

Jose Carvallo: Peru

There’s no doubt the Peruvian goalie is a total keeper. 

Ante Rebić: Croatia

We’d need an anti-Rebić to keep us away from the Croatian winger. 

Edinson Cavani: Uruguay 

Ur-my-guay, Edinson. 

Filip Kostić: Serbia

Would it Kost(ić) us our dignity to admit our devotion to the Serbian soccer star? 

Miguel Borja: Colombia

How much do you want to be where that ball is right now?

Sergio Aguero: Argentina 

A top goal-scorer on the European soccer scene and a top heart-stealer on literally any scene.

Emil Forsberg: Sweden

Why so serious? Probably because Forsberg hasn’t looked in a mirror recently — that’s all it’d take for him to remember how ridiculously attractive he is and turn that frown upside down. 

Jonas Loessl: Denmark

We used to think pastries were the tastiest thing to come out of Denmark — we were wrong. 

Philippe Coutinho: Brazil 

More like Philippe Cute-inho. 

Mats Hummels: Germany

The 6′ 3″ German defender is pretty tough to get past on the field, but why would anyone ever want to pass him by?

Blas Perez: Panama

No one could ever be blasé about Blas’ appeal. 

Haris Seferovic: Switzerland 

With that winning smile, may as well just give Switzerland the World Cup right now. 

Osama Hawsawi: Saudi Arabia 

How-saw-I how attractive the Saudi Arabian defender is? Well I Googled his name, and I have zero regrets. 

Sam Morsy: Egypt 

Those boyish good looks can’t be kept secret. 

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