Abseil fail! Greenpeace activists lower themselves off Barclays tower

Abseil fail! Greenpeace protesters’ attempt to lower themselves off Barclays building during oil demo gets off to a scary start

  • Group was protesting against Barclays’ investment in Canadian oil pipelines
  • Clambered onto the 40ft high awning of the building in Canary Wharf, London
  • The group hung giant ‘oil droplets’ from the letters of the company’s name
  • One abseiler leaned out too far, flipped over and ended up hanging upside down
  • Met police said no arrests were made and described the protests as peaceful

Greenpeace protesters scaled the Barclays building in east London today to protest over Canadian oil pipelines – but one of their team had a less than smooth descent.

A team of six, including one woman who had previously scaled the Shard, wore hard hats and harnesses as they clambered onto the 40ft high awning above the entrance to the tower.

At 7am they used ladders to climb the awning as employees arrived for work.

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Their aim was to hang ‘oil droplets’ from the Barclays sign and surround the blue logo in black.

And they managed this but only after a bumpy start.

One clumsy protester goes to abseil off the awning but ends up swinging over backwards under the awning, ending upside down, legs flailing.

The amusing moment was caught on camera by an employee recording from an adjacent tower.

Greenpeace activists cover the entrance in ‘oil drops’ as they protest against the bank’s refusal to stop funding pipelines that take oil from Canada’s tar sands to market in the USA and Asia

Greenpeace protestors entered the east London building holding umbrellas dripping black ‘oil’

Others dressed as bankers and played recorded messages from Barclays customers who opposed the bank’s funding of the tar sands pipeline

She captioned the video: ‘Jesus, my heart! Clearly not professionals.’

The group were protesting against the bank’s investments in Canadian oil pipelines, which Greenpeace says are having a catastrophic effect on local wildlife, reports the Evening Standard.

Other volunteers dressed as employees stormed the lobby and played recordings from disgruntled Barclays customers and affected communities in Canada.

The Met police said that no arrests had been made, and described the protests as peaceful.

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