Anarchist who ranted at Jacob Rees-Mogg’s kids refuses to talk when confronted by The Sun

Ian Bone, 71, was condemned after doorstepping Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and telling his kids “Your daddy’s a horrible person”.

But Bone – a leader in the Class War movement – hid inside his £350,000 Croydon house when The Sun doorstepped HIM at 8am yesterday(THURS) morning.

Instead a woman, believed to be long-term partner Jane Nicholl, yelled through the closed door “f*** off” when told we wanted to speak to him.

Bone was definitely awake as he carried out a foulmouthed radio interview just over half an hour later but did not leave his house.

The fiery chat on LBC saw him refuse responsibility for abusing Mr Rees-Mogg’s children, arguing: “The question is this, who put the kids in the public domain?

“He brought all of his children out. That was a decision by him to bring them out into the public domain.

“It’s funny isn’t it – this confected indignation on behalf of others? The children must realise other people don’t have the same views as him.

“We’re planning to do it again – not with Rees-Mogg – but we are planning a rolling programme of protests outside cabinet ministers, we did Boris Johnson the last year and when we can find out where he’s laid his hat and made his home, we’ll go to Johnson next.”

The protest outside Mr Rees-Mogg’ss house was about his family’s nanny not being paid enough – but was ridiculed when she came out herself to say how happy she was there.

Video showed Bone then raged "Daddy doesn't pay her very much! Daddy says the minimum wage doesn't count for anything!”

He added: "She doesn't get enough money every week – daddy doesn't care”.

Bone, who has children himself in their late 40s, refused to apologise or answer he would have felt if he had been hassled by someone when they were young.

He said yesterday: “He’s in the public domain, he’s part of the Tory party.

“The confected anger about his children when I say to them your daddy’s horrible is ridiculous.”

Bone is the son of a butler who has worked his whole life in pursuit of Class War, and famously described the birth of Prince William as “another fucking royal parasite”.

He was frequently in the press for various protests, and was even interviewed by Jonathan Ross on TV in the 1990s.

He published his autobiography “Bash the Rich” in 2006.

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