Barack Obama and Joe Biden Reunited For Their First Public Appearance Since the Inauguration

Just when you think Barack Obama is already fully living his best life and things can’t get any better, he one-ups himself. Days after a fun-filled night at Beyoncé and JAY-Z’s concert, the former president met up with his former VP (and lifelong best friend, probably) for lunch. Obama and Biden stopped by the Dog Tag Bakery in Washington DC on July 30 to grab a bite to eat and meet with members of the bakery’s fellowship program.

While the political pair privately golf together, this is the first time we’ve seen them in a joint public appearance since President Trump’s inauguration. Thanks to photos shared on social media, it looks like they’re happier than ever to be reunited. The Dog Tag Bakery, an establishment that aims to “empower our veterans and military families,” shared a photo of Obama and Biden, and a video also surfaced of them ordering together. Check out the clip above — and try not to tear up when Biden calls Obama “the boss” — then keep reading to see another video of their sweet reunion. Think they chatted about Biden’s potential presidential bid?

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