British troops lead ‘battle’ at massive NATO war games that’s seen 31 countries take part amid tension with Russia

The colossal show of strength in Norway assembled troops, aircraft and vehicles to send a message about NATO's ability to work together and strike in the event of a large-scale war.

British Army vehicles travelled from Scotland to Norway to take part in the war games, which kicked off with the UK leading a fake firefight against enemy forces played by Norwegian, German and Swedish soldiers.

The overall training exercise named "Trident Juncture" began on October 25 and ended on Wednesday.

Over 50,000 troops took part, supported by 10,000 tanks and trucks as 250 aircraft flew overhead.

Admiral Lord West previously told The Sun Online: "We have done exercises in Norway over a long period of time, because of the days of the Soviet Union we knew that one of the attacks would be to take the northern part of Norway to allow their assets in the peninsula out to sea.

"But doing a larger one now, and making people aware of it, is because Russia is doing a lot of things to destabilise the region.

"I don't think this is like the Cold War. But there has to be some concern about some of the things Putin has done and looking out for the territory of our friends like Norway is very important.

"It's showing that NATO will look after the countries that are a part of it and won't let them get picked off and that we have an interest in the Arctic."

Stretching from the Baltic Sea to Iceland, military manoeuvres were practised close to Russia, which itself held a huge military drill last month.

Relations between the West and the Kremlin hit a new low after the Skripal poisonings as well the Russian annexation of Crimea and heightened cyber attacks across Europe.

The NATO exercises played out a hypothetical scenario that involved restoring the Scandinavian country's sovereignty after an attack by a "fictitious aggressor".

In September, Russia held its biggest manoeuvres since 1981, called Vostok-2018, mobilising 300,000 troops in a show of force close to China's border which included joint drills with the Chinese and Mongolian armies.


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