Broke mum’s £1 Mother’s Day gift turns out to be £1million lottery winning ticket

A BROKE mum was left shocked after her £1 Mother’s Day gift turned out to be a £1million lottery winning ticket.

Vielka Roman, from North Carolina, received the lottery ticket from her sister which soon ended up changing their lives forever.

Vielka's ticket landed her the third-largest jackpot ever in the Carolina Cash 5 game.

On Sunday, Vielka's sister Neris gave her the lottery ticket after their Mother's Day meal.

The following day, Vielka and her fiance Al headed to the mountains to continue the Mother's Day festivities. On the way, Viekla asked Al to check the numbers.

Using the app, he put in the numbers and confetti started to fly over the screen.

Realising they had won, the pair immediately made a u-turn and rushed to Raleigh to claim their prize, reported ABC11.

The state Education Lottery says Vielka will take home about £748,000 after taxes.

Vielka now plans to put her winnings toward her home and car.

She said: "I just can’t believe it. I’m still in shock.

"We just moved here, just bought a house. It will be nice to have room to breathe."

Neris said: "She has always been there for me.

"And when she won she said to me, 'If I win, then you also win.'"

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