Car’s wheels go over motorcyclist’s HEAD – but he somehow SURVIVES

Car’s wheels go over a motorcyclist’s HEAD after he falls off his bike – but he miraculously survives thanks to his crash helmet

  • The rider lost control of his motorcycle and toppled into the path of a black SUV
  • The car could not brake in time and its front wheels drove over the man’s head
  • But he escaped alive thanks to his helmet in footage taken in Manila, Philippines 

This is the heart-stopping moment a motorcyclist is run over by a car’s front wheels after falling off his bike.   

The rider lost control of his vehicle and toppled over to his right, just feet in front of the black SUV which could not brake in time.

The front left wheel went straight over the back of the man’s head, sending him skidding along the ground, but he escaped alive because of his helmet.

The footage was filmed in Manila, Philippines, in January this year.  

The rider appears in shot as he overtakes the car where a camera is filming the road ahead 

He loses his balance and falls off his bike, toppling to the right into the path of the black SUV

The footage, which was taken from the front of a car behind, shows the SUV indicating to move into the left lane but failing to make the move. 

The rider appears in the shot and overtakes the driver who was filming, before trying to move in front of the black vehicle in the right-hand lane.

But he loses his balance and falls to his right, with his head lying in the path of the SUV which runs him over.  

The clip shows the injured rider curled up in a ball, moving his arms and legs before fellow road users come to help him.

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The driver who captured the incident said the injured rider eventually climbed to his feet and walked to the side of the road to wait for an ambulance.

Jovan Cassiro added: ‘I was driving home when I saw the accident. The driver did nothing wrong but he reacted quickly to stop and check the motorcyclist was OK.

‘The motorcyclist was shocked and injured but he was OK. He stayed at the side of the road for a while and waited for an ambulance.

‘This is why helmets are important and defensive driving is better than speeding ahead and trying to overtake. The road was busy at the time.’  

The black vehicle cannot brake in time and it runs over the man’s head after he fell off the bike 

Other drivers and motorcyclists at the scene after the man miraculously escaped alive 

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