El Chapo’s wife learns how he spied on her phone – and his mistresses’

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman used spyware to snoop on his wife and two mistresses’ phones, prosecutors in his trial revealed Wednesday — making for an awkward scene in the courtroom as his spouse watched on while messages from the lovers’ cells were displayed.

Emma Coronel Aispuro and her drug lord hubby had been blowing kisses and waving to each other earlier in the morning in Brooklyn federal court, but the former beauty queen sat stone-faced, staring straight ahead, as Chapo’s personal life was laid bare for the jury.

The texts — which were collected by the FBI after it flipped Guzman’s spyware system to spy on him — included messages with both Coronel and his sidepiece Agustina Cabanillas Acosta about each getting plastic surgery.

In one 2012 message with Coronel — who Guzman frequently refers to as “princess,” “queen,” “my love” and “mommy” — the cocaine kingpin discussed buying an assault rifle for one of their then-baby twin daughters.

“Our Kiki is fearless. I’m going to give her an AK-47 so she can hang with me,” he wrote.

In another, he texted that he wanted his “little princesses” to fix his meals.

Coronel responded: “Well maybe it’s better if mommy makes them for you. After all it was her enchiladas that made you fall in love with her.”

In more serious messages, Chapo warned his wife about an upcoming raid on one of his many homes in Mexico — asking whether she had any guns there, then instructing her to put the weapons in a “hidden compartment” and delete their conversation.

After the February 2012 raid on the Cabo San Lucas house, he messaged her again saying he had to jump out of a window when law enforcement came knocking and that he had to leave two people behind — but doesn’t mention one of them was Cabanillas Acosta.

He also asked her to pick him up underwear, five shirts, shampoo and two pairs of black sneakers.

“Is there anything else you need?” Coronel messaged Chapo.

“Black mustache dye,” he responded.

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