Footage released of Frenchman’s leap from a crane in Sydney CBD

Terrifying footage shows French daredevil’s death-defying leap from a crane – unaware there were HOLES in his parachute

  • Terrifying footage has emerged of a French daredevil who leaped off a crane
  • Jonathan Perherin leaped off the crane before realizing his parachute had holes 
  • Police had seized the video but has been released to the public for the first time 

Heart-stopping footage has emerged of a French daredevil leaping from a crane, before he knew his parachute was faulty.

Jonathan Perherin, 24, filmed himself jumping off the top of a crane of the old IMAX theatre in Darling Harbour, Sydney in the early hours of the morning on October 2. 

Police seized the video from last month but was uploaded on YouTube for public viewing for the first time on Friday.

The GoPro footage captured Perherin carefully stepping onto the thin metal rails of the crane and he can be heard breathing heavily.

He then proceeded to sit on the edge of the crane and looked down at the western distributor and a body of water, hundreds of metres below. 

When Perherin made his leap of faith, the footage gave the impression he was leaping towards the water. 

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He then smoothly veered past Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre and landed safely on the ground behind the Harbourside Shopping Centre. 

Perherin said he is aware what he’s done is ‘forbidden’ but has no regrets over the stunt because he’s still ‘alive’.

Daredevil Jonathan Perherin (pictured) said he had no regrets about his dangerous stunt

‘Here, I know police is not good with that. In other countries we can do that,’ he said. 

The daredevil was detained by rangers and arrested by police shortly after his jump.

Police have said tears were found within his faulty parachute which had holes. 

It was alleged the Frenchman broke into the construction site off Wheat Road at about 3.15am before jumping the crane. 

The 24-year-old faced the Downing Centre Local Court on October 17 where he was convicted of risking the safety of others by jumping from a building and was fined $660.  

The Frenchman jumped off the crane of a theatre in Darling Harbour (pictured), hundred of metres from above

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