Girl, 3, hit and killed by car after wandering out of home as parents slept

A three-year-old girl was hit and killed by a car after wandering out of her home while her unsuspecting parents were sleeping.

Little Angel Atkins ended up on a highway after twisting the lock on her front door in the early hours of the morning in March this year.

She tragically died after being struck by a Toyota Hilux.

Now, seven months on from the crash, the youngster’s heartbroken dad has urged other parents to do a lock check on their own homes.

Wayne Atkins and his wife, who were both asleep when Angel left, didn’t have a deadlock on their front door in Perth, western Australia.

And the couple claim they were unable to lock their rental property’s security door because they didn’t have a key for it, Seven News reports.

It is said to have since been fixed.

Speaking to the news station, dad Wayne recalled the moment he kissed his beloved daughter as she lay lifeless in hospital after the crash.

"I went in there and it was her," he said through tears.

"I grabbed her hand and kissed her."

When asked what he said to Angel, he added: "Come home. I love you."

Angel wandered out of her Gosnells home and on to Albany Highway, about 300m away, at around 6am on March 23.

She suffered critical injuries after being struck by the Toyota and sadly could not be saved, according to The West Australian.

It is reported that she stepped in front of the vehicle.

Referring to the driver, grieving Wayne said: "I got no hatred for him.

"You know I feel sorry for the poor fella."

The father had been desperately searching for his daughter, after awaking, when he spotted police officers and walked over to them.

He later paid the emotional visit to see his little girl in hospital.

Now, the devastated father is appealing to other mums and dads to carry out a simple lock check on their homes to avoid similar tragedies.

David Hillyard, of Consumer Protection, said: "What landlords are obliged to provide with all rental properties is that you should have either a front door which has got a dead bolt or you’ve got a security door on the front which is one of those triple-lock security doors."

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