Hunter shoots dead another after mistaking him for a deer during late night hunt

A US hunter shot dead another huntsman when he mistook him for a DEER during a late-night hunt.

Police in Michigan are investigating the apparent accidental killing and believe the hunter was shot by mistake.

Local media reports the Michigan man was shot and killed while hunting on the state’s opening day of firearm deer season.

They said the Michigan Department of Natural Resources [DNR], along with Michigan State Police and Antrim County Sheriff’s Deputies, were called to the scene of the accident around 1om on Thursday.

The investigation team revealed Justin Beutel, 38 of Sanford, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lt. James Gorno with the DNR said the preliminary investigation shows the man was shot by another hunter who mistook him for a deer, the station reports.

Lt. Gorno, a district law supervisor with the DNR, told the channel: “Preliminary investigation reveals that Mr. Beutel was deer hunting on private property and was apparently shot by another subject hunting nearby.”

Investigators are not yet identifying the other hunter, but did confirm he is a 45-year-old man from Gaylord.

Lt. Gorno said the two men were not hunting together and it is believed that the two do not know each other.

It is understood the shooting happened on private land, but it not yet been funny established who owns the land.

It also remains to be seen if the men had permission to be on the land at the time of the killing.

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Office and the Michigan State Police are assisting the DNR with the investigation.

Crime scene investigators were on scene Thursday photographing a hunting sled.

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