Majorca floods – Brit OAP couple who died when their taxi was swept away by flash floods on way from airport are named as Anthony and Delia Green

They are among the 10 known victims of Tuesday night's "biblical" flash floods that wreaked havoc across the island's eastern towns.

It has emerged the taxi the Greens were travelling in was swept away by the sudden flooding tearing through residential areas.

Their bodies were recovered in the resort of s’Illot in the early hours of yesterday after police found their upturned cab.

A few hours later the body of their driver, named as Juan Grande Sillero, was recovered.

Do you know the Brit couple killed or have you been affected by the flooding? Contact c[email protected] or ring 0207 782 4569

Anthony, 75, and Delia, 72, are understood to have been travelling to their hotel in the east coast fishing town of Cala Bona after landing at Palma Airport.

A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office confirmed: "We are supporting the family of two British people following their deaths in Spain and will do all we can to assist them at this deeply difficult time.

"Our staff remain in contact with the Spanish authorities who are responsible for responding to the floods."

They added officials are "ready to assist any other British people who require our help".

Meanwhile, a mum is also believed to have been killed rescuing her eight-year-old daughter from the floods which ravaged the holiday island on Tuesday night.

The heroic mother was driving with her daughter and five-year-old son when their car was hit with an "avalanche of water", Diario de Mallorca reported.

She managed to push the girl out of the car but the boy is understood to have been inside when it was pulled away by the water.

The mother's body was reportedly discovered in the car and her son is still missing.

Authorities raised the official death toll to ten yesterday and revealed they are now only searching for one missing person.

Meanwhile, a rescue coordination spokesman said three of the bodies had been recovered in Sant Llorenc, two in Area, three in s’Illot and one in Son Carrio.

Also among those killed was a nine-year-old boy, whose body was found yesterday near a flooded waterway.

Authorities previously said they feared the number of dead could reach 14.

A Civil Guard spokesman said: "The focus is now on finding those missing. River beds and the area around the coast is being searched.

"There are a lot of cars in the river beds and a lot of wreckage so it’s not an easy job."

Majorcan-born tennis star Rafa Nadal yesterday took part in the clean-up after the disaster, which left parts of Majorca looking like a war zone with upturned cars piled on top of each other and uprooted trees.

He donned wellington boots and a tracksuit to work alongside other volunteers yesterday in removing floodwater in the worst-affected parts of Sant Llorenc.

He also opened up the doors of his nearby sports centre and academy to temporarily house some of the people whose homes were damaged in the floods.

The 11-times French Open winner tweeted afterwards: “Today is a sad day in Majorca. Our most sincere condolences to those that have died in the floods.”

The apocalyptic storms struck by surprise on Tuesday night, sweeping vehicles out to sea and down city streets.

Rescue personnel used helicopters to assess the scale of damage, while residents were evacuated from rooftops and balconies.

The first two victims were aged 71 and 83.

One was trapped by a torrent of water that flooded the basement of his home and another was found by a road linking the town of Arta to the coastal resort of Canyamel.

Local authorities confirmed yesterday morning that four more people had died, though it is not yet clear which, if any, of these fatalities were the British couple.

News of the deaths comes amid terrifying accounts of the flooding in which people were swept away while still inside their cars.

Kerry Kirkmanm from Nottingham, was staying at the Playa Moreia in S'illot, in the island's east and the location of the sixth confirmed death, when the flooding struck.

She told The Sun Online: "We were in the restaurant at the hotel last night (Tuesday) which is on the ground floor when suddenly water started seeping in through the doors.

"We left our food and went through to the bar where we could see the water on the river was really high and there were trees floating down it.

"The staff told us to get out as the water was about to start coming in. So we went up to the reception on the first floor to watch, and suddenly fridges and washing machines started going down the river into the sea.

"Then we saw a car go down that looked like someone was in it and my husband thought he saw a person in the water with their hands up in the air. Everyone was panicking."

She continued: "People were collecting their suitcases and getting away. We were told to go up the hotel to the higher levels."

One of those killed has been confirmed as the former mayor of the town of Arta. Rafel Gili was the father of the town’s current mayor Tolo Gili.

Spanish weather forecasters said 8inches of rain fell in four hours, while electricity outages restricted rescue efforts.

Adam Williams, from North Wales, told The Sun Online he was staying in Cala Dor, about an hour away from the worst of the flooding in Sant Llorenc, with his wife and two kids when the storms hit.

The 31-year-old said they were driving home from dinner on Tuesday night when they witnessed cars stuck on the roads amid a torrent of water.

He said: "The roads couldn't keep up. The water was literally just flooding down. It was like someone had taken a plug out of a bath.

"As we were driving back the manholes had popped off because of the pressure of the water. You could smell the sewage.

"It was crazy, absolutely crazy. Probably the worst I've ever seen. My little girl, she is just six years old, so she was quite worried about what was going on, would we get stuck, etc."

The Government of the Balearic Islands also asked the Emergency Military Unit to provide additional help – 90 soldiers and 100 rescue workers were dispatched to assist.

One survivor said: "We were at home when the river burst its banks and began to take the cars away. The water was coming through the windows and the doors."

Another said: "The water reached about 13 foot at one point and was piling cars up on top of each other. I had to swim to survive. I have seen cars go past me with people inside."

Local sports centres and hotels have offered to provide emergency shelter for those affected.

Several cars were also reported to have been dragged into the sea in Colònia de Sant Pere, in Artà, IB3 reported.

Leanne, from West Lancashire, told the Mirror Online: "We were sunbathing yesterday morning then at around 2.30pm the rain and stormy weather began.

"Later we visited a restaurant celebrating my mum's birthday, and the electricity kept going on and off. The next day the entire area was completely devastated.

"We think that a car that has been taped off was the one in the video. There were people chasing it but the water was too strong. We are sure there were people in the car."

And store manager Andrea Sutton Allen told the Daily Record: "There are collapsed roads and a car was dragged into the sea. The hotel was without power all evening and is still without water."

Some commentators on social media described the floods as biblical, and there were reports of people seen clinging to trees and roofs.

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez also travelled to the disaster zone yesterday.

And British Airways' parent company IAG warned holidaymakers of flight delays.

A spokesperson said: "As further heavy rains are expected over the next 24 hours, travellers are advised to anticipate continued disruptions."

Rosario Sanchez Grau, central government representative for the Balearic Islands, said: "These are difficult moments. My condolences and solidarity for all those affected, especially the families and friends of those who have died."

Catalina Cladera, in charge of public administration for the regional government, described the situation as "dantesque" and added: "We weren’t expecting it. The alert went from yellow to orange in a very short space of time.

Javier Martínez, a resident of Can Picafort, told Diario de Mallorca how he was driving when his car was blindsided by a wall of water.

He said: "I left the car though the window and then swam for 500 metres (1,650ft) through the raging water until I reached a house.

"I was barely clothed as they all got caught on a metal fence when I was swimming. The people at the house lent me a shirt and then the Guardia Civil came and drove me to Manacor.

"I have nothing, just the pyjamas I was wearing. My house was completely full of water, and now it has just been left full of mud. I have lost everything."

"A massive amount of rain has fallen in very little time."

Heavy rain also brought chaos to other parts of Spain including Barcelona, where parts of the tube service were temporarily suspended.

The Costa del Sol remained on red alert yesterday following overnight storms and torrential rain overnight in resorts like Marbella.


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