Manitoba man’s finger-protection invention makes its way to the NHL

A former goaltender from Ste. Anne’s, Man. hopes his new invention will save goalies’ fingers forevermore.

Guy St. Vincent new invention, called the BLOK, helps prevent pointer fingers from being broken when blocking pucks.

He originally used a gob of hockey tape to protected his pointer finger on his glove hand when he was a goalie.

“I had something that worked, and here I just translated it to a permanent rubber piece that slides onto the stick,” St. Vincent explained.

The ‘BLOK’ placed on a goalie stick.

After sending around samples of the BLOK, it’s already being used by the San Jose Sharks and St. Louis Blues.

“I’m just glad that they enjoy it as well, I’m glad that they think it’s very functional, very useful, and that’s what I want.”

Emboldened by the success, St. Vincent’s product is in production, and will be available to the general public July 1.

The former professional net minder says his goal from the beginning was to create something that helps protect goalies of all ages.

“I think this is success being held in my hands right now, because at first it was just a thought and now I actually have a product which is really cool.”

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