Meghan Markle’s dad ‘lied to Prince Harry’ when he denied paparazzi collusion

Meghan Markle ’s father lied to Prince Harry saying he did not collude with the paparazzi to fake pictures just nine days before the royal wedding , it has been claimed.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly called Thomas Markle Snr at his home in Rosarito, Mexico, to ask if he’d been working with a photographer after growing suspicious over an increasing number of photos.

Veteran royal photographer Arthur Edwards claims Harry’s now father-in-law assured him he had not.

It led to a statement being made by Kensington Palace through the press watchdog asking for the 74-year-old’s privacy to be respected.

But less than 48 hours later, Markle was exposed when CCTV footage of him setting up the pictures with a British paparazzi emerged.

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Speaking on a BBC Radio Kent phone-in show hosted by Prince Harry’s biographer Duncan Larcombe, Edwards said Markle’s denial caused “embarrassment” to the Prince.

He explained: “Harry spoke to the father direct and said have you been cooperating with the paparazzi. He said no.

"The Palace put out a statement on Friday night saying to respect his privacy. Harry had been reassured by the father it was not going on.”

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The Prince, 33, had grown suspicious after four sets of pictures emerged in a newspaper which appeared to be set up.

They showed Markle reading a book on Britain, working out on an exercise bike, being measured for a suit and surfing the internet looking at pictures of his daughter.

Edwards added: “We knew the father was colluding with the paparazzi.

"Everyone in the business knows that. When he was in the library, looking at the TV screen and they happen to be there.

“You don’t get measured up for a suit in a shop window.

“He told him he had not colluded. I think he (Harry) was embarrassed.”

Days after Markle was found to have cashed in on the fake picture he says he suffered a heart attack.

The former lightning director said, as a result, he was told by doctors he could not travel to the UK for the May 19 wedding.

Prince Charles had to give Meghan, 37, away on the wedding day at Windsor.

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